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The global and online market places have created a demand for large foreign exchange transactions. These can range from importing containers of goods, through to purchasing overseas properties


You can trade using your choice of platforms and all have:

  • Latest Charting
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  • Fast Execution
  • One account can trade a suite of financial products

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Opening an account is designed to be easy and through our Halifax Rapid Account Opening Process™ you can start following and trading domestic and global market in 24 hours.

Global currency transactions require a conversion from one currency to another - often at exchange rates that is significantly more costly - as offered at the bank. To help its clients get the competitive edge, the Halifax Trade Finance Desk offers the ability for transactions of all sizes to be taken at a better and competitive rate.

As a result, you could be saving potentially thousands of dollars on these types of transactions. We have also made the process for depositing and transferring funds very straightforward, providing you, as a client, with a simple to follow, quick and very effective process, backed up by the security of dealing with a public company.

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